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 How to make money in intraday trading
How to make money in intraday trading pdf free download

   Author(s): Ashwani Gujral, Rachana A. Vaidya 
        Publisher: Vision Books, Year: 2018   

A master class on how to benefit from day trading taught by one of India's most renowned traders. Ashwani Gujral's signature straightforward style, laced with wry throwaway humour, slices through the clutter and awe around day trading, laser-focused on the techniques, strategies, and abilities necessary for performance in this most difficult and fulfilling of endeavours. This book will arm you with the necessary skills and temperament to succeed in the industry. It shows Ashwani's tried-and-true and simple-to-implement day trading tactics and systems:
The three Ms of successful trading — process, money management, and mindset
Changing averages, pivot points, and extraordinary candles — these are the technological foundations.

Effective trade entrance, trade containment, and trade exit strategies
The morning spectrum, patterns, openings, and sideways markets are both trading opportunities.
How to use major news stories as a catalyst for your trades
How to escape market traps — and benefit from them
How to maximise the explosive potential of several trading instruments operating in conjunction with one another
Money management — controlling place size and risk
How to conquer the industry by mastering the mind
A good day trader's everyday discipline.

With over 200 real-world market illustrations and maps, this book teaches you how to treat each trading day as a winner, armed with the necessary strategic skills and superior self-confidence.

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