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Think Like A Monk: Train Your Mind For Peace And Purpose Every Day

Think Like A Monk: Train Your Mind For Peace And Purpose Every Day pdf free download

   Author(s): Jay Shetty  
        Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Year: 2020   

Jay Shetty, the celebrity of social media and host of the #1 podcast 'On Purpose,' distills the timeless wisdom he learned as a practicing monk into practical steps that everyone can take every day to live a less stressed, meaningful life.

Jay Shetty has been one of the world's most influential influencers in the last three years. One of his clips was last year's most-viewed video on Facebook, with over 360 million views. Following a total of over 32 million social media, he has created over 400 viral videos that have accrued over 5 billion views, and his show, 'On Purpose,' is regularly ranked #1 health-related show worldwide.
Shetty draws on his time as a monk in the Vedic tradition in this inspiring, encouraging book to show us how we can clear up the roadblocks to our ability and strength. "Think Like a Monk" shows how to resolve destructive thoughts and behaviors, and access the calm and intent that reside within us all, drawing on ancient wisdom and his own rich experiences in the ashram.

The lessons learned by the monks are profound but also abstract. Shetty turns them into guidance and activities that we can all contribute to reducing tension, improving concentration, improving relationships, recognizing our secret talents, growing self-discipline and giving to the world the gifts that we find within ourselves. Shetty proves that everyone can think like a monk, and should.
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