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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

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   Author(s): Robin Sharma  
        Publisher: Jaico Publishing House, Year: 2003   

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a renowned inspirational fiction, a revealing tale that offers readers a simple yet insightful way to live life. This story's plot revolves around Julian Mantle, a lawyer who has made his fortune in the profession and his reputation. A sudden heart attack causes havoc in the life of a competent solicitor. His work comes to a standstill, jolted by the sudden onset of illness. He thinks about the importance of material prosperity, renounces all of it, and leaves for India.

A spiritual awakening visit to India that opens up new perspectives and Julian starts to see life from a different viewpoint. Again, but in a way that is far more satisfying and meaningful than before, he chooses to live his life.

The reader goes on a spiritual journey in the book and into a very old society that has accumulated a great deal of wisdom over the centuries. The book promotes how to live happily, think profoundly and accurately, respect relationships and time, be more disciplined, follow the call of the heart and live every moment of life.

The book has turned out to be a bestseller and is more than just an endearing novel, written in simple words. Robin Sharma showcases the miracles and wonders of living a satisfying life through storytelling. The book introduces readers to enlightening but clear concepts in the process that guarantee that life is better, happier, and more meaningful.

What readers all over the world love about this book is the deft amalgam of the ideologies of both the western and eastern worlds, a bestselling novel. The book was followed around the world by major personalities.
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Book Review:

There's a nice fable everyone likes, and this is definitely one. Julian Mantle, a high-profile lawyer with a whacked-out timeline and a shameful collection of moral goals, is the protagonist. It takes a crisis (heart attack) to give Mantle pause, of course. And he pauses — suddenly selling all his beloved belongings to move to India in search of a meaningful life. The Himalayan gurus offer straightforward advice along the way, such as, "What lies behind you and what lies before you is nothing compared to what lies inside you." But it is easy to forgive the simplicity of the storey because each kernel of wisdom is framed to resolve Western white-collar professionals' persistent agony.

This is the tale of Julian Mantle, a superstar lawyer whose out-of-balance lifestyle in a packed courtroom leads him to a near-fatal heart attack. His physical breakdown throws him into a moral crisis, pressuring him to face his life's situation. He embarks on an incredible odyssey to an ancient community, seeking to find happiness and fulfilment, where he discovers a strong mechanism to unleash the capacity of his mind, body , and soul and learns to live with passion, purpose, and peace. This inspiring storey offers a step-by - step guide to living with greater strength , balance, abundance and joy, beautifully combining ancient spiritual wisdom of the east with modern success ideals of the West.

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