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SSB Interview: The Complete Guide

SSB Interview: The Complete Guide pdf free download
Author(s): Dr. N.K. Natarajan  
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House, Year: 2014   

Simplifying Every Step:
Procedure for conducting a screening test, a psychological test, a group test, and an interview conference

Service-Related Information with Dynamic Topics
National Issues in Geopolitics

The author guides applicants through the different phases of the SSB exam in this new and updated version. With his extensive expertise in this area, he outlines the various stages of the exams in precise sequential sequence. This updated edition's material is split into two parts and nine sections. The screening tests, which comprise verbal, nonverbal, image perception, and discussion exams, are covered in the first section, followed by psychological tests, group testing, interview methods, and the conference process. The second section includes information about services, geopolitics, and national problems.

Approach to all required stages that is simple and reader-friendly: Screening Tests, Psychological Test Series, Group Testing Series, Interview Techniques, and Procedures for Conferences

Service-Related Information, Geo-Politics, and National Issues are only a few of the important subjects covered.
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