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Manipal Prep Manual Of Medicine 2nd Edition

Manipal Prep Manual Of Medicine 2nd Edition pdf free download

Author(s):  Manthappa M  
Publisher: CBS, Year: 2019

The practice of medicine has become very complex as science has progressed and our knowledge of microorganisms, cellular and subcellular structures, and functions has grown. Understanding ideas and using a scientific approach are necessary for the successful grooming of a basic medical practitioner. This book bridges the gap between a conventional textbook and a medical student's real requirements. The narrative style is one-of-a-kind, straightforward, and simple to comprehend. Each chapter has been given careful consideration, and the ideas are presented in a clear and concise manner. The book is notable for its focus, clarity, and conciseness. The Manual is simple to read and comprehend, and it offers students studying for exams or intending to begin clinical practice with the most up-to-date, practical material in a compact Q&A style.
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Book Review:

Manthappa may be a lifesaver if you're beginning your medical theoretical preparation late in your final year (like the last two months or so).

Almost everything you'll need for the theoretical test is written in plain English that even an eighth-grader can understand.

Furthermore, the subject is kept to the point, and the book only discusses what is absolutely necessary. However, I think that it will be adequate for passing the final MBBS theoretical examinations.

The presentation of the material is given in a logical way, which is the cherry on top. When reading a book like Manthappa, it is simple to connect the dots and comprehend the topic as a whole.

I haven't read much from Boloor or Mathews, but they both appeared to delve into a lot of detail, and in my view, they wouldn't be good for last-minute preparation.

Images or pictures, particularly in dermatology and radiography, are an area where Manthappa lags behind. For the same, remember to complement basic medical textbooks like Davidson.

So, if you're short on time and want a quick, succinct, and to-the-point medical book, Manthappa is a great option.

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