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Data Model Patterns – Conventions of Thought 

Data Model Patterns – Conventions of Thought pdf free download

   Author(s): DC Hay  
        Publisher: John Wiley & Sons , Year: 1996   

It's not the same as learning the fundamentals of a modelling technique as it is to learn how to use and use it. Developing a data model of an organisation requires gaining difficult-to-come-by insights on its nature. Indeed, analysts are frequently required to grasp nuances of an organization's structure that may have eluded long-term employees.

Here's some advice for analysts who have mastered the fundamentals of data modelling (also known as "entity/relationship modelling") but need to gather the information needed to build a successful business model.

Accounting, material requirements planning, process manufacturing, contracts, laboratories, and records are just a few of the areas where structures common to various types of businesses are examined.
  • High-level data models are drawn from the following business domains in each chapter:
  • The Enterprise and Its Surrounding Environment
  • Procedures and Activities of the Company's Things
  • Contracts
  • Accounting
  • Requirements for Laboratory Materials Manufacturing Documents Planning Process
  • Conventions at a Lower Level
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