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 Draupadi - India's First Daughter

Draupadi - India's First Daughter pdf free download

   Author(s): Vamshi Krishna   
         Year: 2020   

He slapped her hard. It was more of an open-handed whack from him that shocked her. His gold finger rings had left a deep cut on her tender red cheeks. Sweating ran down her forehead and down her bare toes. Physically, she felt dizzy and achy in her head, but she also felt a deep sense of sorrow. Her body had attracted hundreds of lecherous males. She wished she could hide her beauty so she would never have to suffer such humiliation again.

She'd been fighting battles since she was born, but the battlefields changed frequently. But at the time, she was determined to avenge herself on those lecherous males.

Vamshi Krishna mostly writes code or stories. He is a software engineer by chance and a writer by desire, he claims.

He enjoys reading about cricket, love, ladies, and failure stories. He is also a big fan of MS Dhoni and Jeff Bezos.

From a tiny hamlet in Telangana, he claims IIT-BHU was the best four years of his life. He believes that every student in his early 20s should live in a hostel for a few years.

He maintains he had no idea of the Mahabharata till a few months ago. Because of his admiration for Draupadi's character, he wrote this novel.

Zero Not Out was his debut fiction novel, a love storey based on his real-life experiences (and accidents).

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