Learning React: Functional Web Development with React and Redux - No cost library

Learning React: Functional Web Development with React and Redux

Learning React: Functional Web Development with React and Redux pdf free download

   Author(s): Alex Banks, Eve Porcello 
        Publisher: Shroff/O'Reilly, Year: 2017   

All of the O'Reilly books printed in India are printed in grayscale.
The information you need to become an efficient React developer is in this book. Updated to show up-to-date knowledge of modern JavaScript methods, this book is ideal for web developers and software engineers who understand how JavaScript, CSS, and HTML function in the browser. Learning functional JavaScript and working with React will not require prior understanding of either.

The authors, Alex Banks and Eve Porcello, use their learning road map to help you build UIs that can seamlessly display changes while eliminating page reloads on data-driven websites. The course will also show you how to work with functional programming and ECMAScript capabilities such as newer JavaScript features. By the time you finish this hands-on guide, you'll have an even better grasp on React and how it might benefit your organisation.

Develop a fundamental understanding of JavaScript's basic functional programming ideas.

React operates in the browser by looking beneath the hood.

Start with an application presentation layer, then construct React components to generate content.

Make sure that your system keeps up with your data, and you will spend less time debugging programmes.

React Hooks, a form of data-loading code, can be used to manage application state and fetch data.

Use a single-page application (SPA) routing solution.

There are many ways to organise React apps with regard to the server.

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