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If Its Not Forever Its Not Love

If Its Not Forever Its Not Love pdf free download

   Author(s):  Durjoy Dutta   
        Publisher: PENGUIN BOOKS INDIA, Year: 2015   

When Deb, an author and publisher, survives the Chandni Chowk bomb blasts, he realises his survival is nothing short of a miracle. And, despite his slight injuries, he remains plagued by that fateful day. His feet lead him to the location of the explosions. He discovers a diary among the charred remnants. It appears to be the property of a deceased man who was madly in love with a girl. As he reads the terrible narrative, he realises that this tale must be left unfinished. Thus begins Deb's adventure with Avantika, his fiancée, and Shrey, his closest friend, to present the diary to the man's lover.

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