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Asura: Tale of the Vanquished

Asura: Tale of the Vanquished pdf free download

   Author(s):  Anand Neelkantan  
        Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd, Year: 2013   

The epic tale of triumph and calamity... The Ramayana's storey had been repeated many times. Every Indian is familiar with the captivating narrative of Rama, the avatar of God, who slew Ravana, the terrible demon of darkness. And, as is customary in history, it is the version told by the victorious that endures. The vanquished's voice is lost in silence. However, what if Ravana and his followers had an alternative narrative to tell? The Ravanayana's narrative has never been shared. Asura is the legendary tale of the vanquished Asura people, a tale that has been cherished for 3000 years by India's persecuted outcastes. No Asura has ventured to recount the tale until now. However, perhaps now is the time for the dead and vanquished to speak. For thousands of years, I have been demonised, and every year, my death is commemorated in every corner of India. Why? Was it because I dared the Gods to intervene on my daughter's behalf? Was it because I liberated a race from the tyranny of Deva authority on the basis of caste? You have heard the Ramayana, the storey of the victor. Now, listen to the Ravanayana, for I am Ravana, the Asura, and my storey is one of defeat. I am a non-entity that is imperceptible, helpless, and insignificant. There will never be an epic written about me. I have endured both Ravana and Rama, the hero and the antagonist, or the antagonist and the hero. When great men's stories are shared, my voice may be too faint to be heard. Allow me a moment to tell you my narrative; I am Bhadra, the Asura, and my life is the storey of a loser. The ancient Asura empire had been split into numerous feuding small kingdoms that were groaning beneath the Devas' heel. In their despair, the Asuras look up to Ravana, a young saviour. Common men like Bhadra, believing that a better world awaits them under Ravana, decide to follow the young king. Ravana leads his followers to win after victory and carves out a massive kingdom from the Devas with an iron resolve and a fierce passion to triumph. However, even when Ravana triumphs brilliantly, the unfortunate Asuras discover that little has changed for them. It is when Ravana, via a single act, alters the course of human history.

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