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Rebel without a crew, or, How a 23-year-old filmmaker with $7,000 became a Hollywood player

Rebel without a crew, or, How a 23-year-old filmmaker with $7,000 became a Hollywood player pdf free download

   Author(s): Robert Rodriguez  
        Publisher: Penguin USA, Year: 196   
Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Spy Kids, Machete) reveals all of the innovative tactics and original techniques he employed to create his remarkable debut film El Mariachi on a shoestring budget.

This is both a fascinating tale about one man and a must-read for anyone with a celluloid storey to tell and the ambition and dedication to see it through. Rodriguez reveals how he was able to produce his influential first film on a $7,000 budget in this part production diary, part how-to manual. The appendix "The Ten Minute Film Course," a how-to on saving thousands of dollars on film school and teaching yourself the ropes of film making, directing, and screenwriting, is also included.

The ideal present for a budding filmmaker.
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Book Review:
“With his action-packed debut movie, El Mariachi, Robert Rodriguez received critical acclaim and the attention of every studio in Hollywood—but the question remains: How did he compose, direct, shoot, and edit the film all by himself...for a paltry $7,000? You'll learn all of this and more in this honest-to-goodness memoir-turned-moviemaking primer... you'll never look at an independently produced film (or $7,000) the same way again.” —Entertainment Weekly

“No one in the American film industry is quite like Robert Rodriguez, who defies Hollywood studio laws... It's clear that his strategy works, based on his success rate... Rodriguez has long been regarded as a hero by indie filmmakers.” The Daily Telegraph (London)

"For the indie film community, he's a hero."

The New York Times contributed to this article.

“Only the most inexperienced or naive will try to produce a feature film with only $7,000 and no crew. This is because most people are aware that such a task is impractical. Robert Rodriguez not only produced ‘El Mariachi' under those circumstances, but he also became a Hollywood success overnight at the age of 23... Rebel Without a Crew is the kind of book you'd expect from someone with the guts to go against the grain and the talent to make it pay off almost immediately.” —The New York Times

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