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   Author(s): Napoleon Hill 
        Publisher: Amazing Reads, Year: 2014   

A permanent place in the consciousness of American business managers as a timeless classic. A brand name associated with an actionable technique that can improve just about anyone, regardless of wealth. there are numerous satisfied customers who can attest to the claims made in this book 20 million copies of the book had been printed prior to the author's death a number of revisions have occurred over time, to improve the readability and comprehension of the readers It describes the most basic questions that plagued the person who wrote it, Napoleon Hill. The author set out on a personal quest to discover what motivates successful people are. How is it possible to remain healthy, happy, and financially secure all the same? How is it decided which people get to be considered lucky? The answers were no less than revelations, indeed. For the past decade, the author has conducted extensive interviews with the wealthiest and most successful people in the world. through all these people, it was learned that they were successful at both, as individuals and as well. In order to help one achieve unprecedented levels of success, the author came up with hundreds and thousands of principles, which he or she then acted upon. There are several places in the author has in which he uses short stories and anecdotes to clarify his point. Think and Grow Rich teaches not just about concepts, but also about techniques. It's not a book that one person can use for one time. The book advises the reader to proceed step-by-by-step. a lot of readers and speakers claim that they have been reading this book numerous times over the course of several weeks. It is still the best-selling self-help book to date! a famous American industrial-success storyteller, Napoleon Hill was one of the creators of personal-success writing. As an author of self-help books, Hill has always advocated and encouraged passion as the only key to success. Though most people don't know it, Hill has written many books, including Think and Grow Rich, which has been 20 million copies since the 1930s.

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