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 The world as i see it

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   Author(s): Albert Einstein
        Publisher: Filiquarian Publishing, LLC., Year: 2007

Einstein's theory is a total mystery to the vast majority of people. Their attitude toward Einstein is similar to Mark Twain's attitude toward the author of a mathematical work: here was a man who had written an entire book that Mark couldn't comprehend a single sentence of. As a result, Einstein is well-known in the public eye, in part because he made groundbreaking observations that are difficult to translate into everyday language. We are in awe of a man whose thoughts soar to heights well beyond our comprehension, whose accomplishments can only be measured by the few who are able to obey his logic and question his conclusions. His personality, on the other hand, has another dimension. It is discovered in this book's set of addresses, letters, and other writings. The mosaic portrait of Einstein the man is made up of these fragments. Each one is, in a way, self-contained; it presents his viewpoints on various aspects of development, education, peace, war, liberty, and other universally relevant issues. Their combined effect is to show that the Einstein we can all comprehend is just as wonderful as the Einstein we trust.
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