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 The God Delusion

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   Author(s): Richard Dawkins
        Publisher: Houghton Mifflin, Year: 2006   

When the God Del was published in 2006, it caused a sensation. Within weeks, Dawkins came under attack for using his in-depth, heated response to criticise various forms of religion.

It couldn't be more topical. While Europe is getting more and more secular, radical religious fundamentalism is growing in the Middle East and North America. In other countries, an intense argument between intelligent design and Darwinism is undermining and inhibiting the teaching of science. Religious doctrine from the Middle Ages continues to oppress women and gays in many countries to this day. This conclusion has been arrived at from a belief in a God, which lacks any kind of evidential support.

Dawkins attacks all gods in one way or another. The major arguments against religion are dismantled, and a counterargument for the existence of a supreme being is put forward. He details how religion contributes to warfare, bigotry, and abuses of children.

Anyone interested in this most emotional and important topic should read this book.

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