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 Sinbad: And the Trumpet of Israfil

Sinbad: And the Trumpet of Israfil pdf free download

   Author(s): Kevin Missal [Missal, Kevin]
        Publisher: Penguin Random House India Private Limited, Year: 2021   

The familiar Sinbad tale has been given a whole new meaning. Prepare yourself because this exciting, stress will leave you sleep-deprived
The fantastic reimagination of the classic storey of Sinbad the Sailor
An absolute requirement for any young adult, fantasy, fiction, and adventure reader
For readers of Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare, and Neil Gaiman
Source: (SOT) for those who enjoy stories of Prophecies, gods, battles, stories of the Apocalypse, and Biblical stories, stories of friendship
Kevin Missal, the bestselling novelist
Before I was famous as a world-class sailor, I was an insecure youngster who fell in love.
Sailing was a bit rocky for most of the way for the storey. Of course, there was the complication of Armageddon to deal with as well.
Then I took a flight to hoodwink a Greek god, wrecked a vampire wedding, and met a gory angel of death.
And as the clock's hourglass began to run down, I was:
That will take us seven days.
The only woman I have ever loved for seven days is going to die.
Thrilling to reinterpretation of Sinbad—the legendary seafarer from the One Thousand and One Nights!

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