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 Driven the Virat Kohli story

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   Author(s): Lokapally, Vijay
        Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing;Bloomsbury India, Year: 2018   

Even the most implacable personalities must start somewhere. They had problems in the past. He was disinherited when his father, a criminal defence attorney, died when he was young, taking someone he refers to as “big support” from him. Virat Kohli returned to continue a game several hours after losing him his father's only son in a test match that would have pleased him greatly. Humble and gracious, he describes the captain of the Indian cricket team: he was the one who drove me to practise every day.
The road to the greatness of Virat's stardom is marked by small-life stories about teammates, managers, and supporters, which do not generally receive much attention.
In the age of 28, he has already received many awards, not least of which was the BCCI's ‘Arjuna Award for International Cricket Excellence' for 2011-12 and '14.' Awarded the ICC Awards for ODI Player of the Year in 2012. Formal: SportsPro compared him to the player to the world's second most marketable athlete two years later.

But in his eyes, money, celebrity, and screaming crowds of women are all secondary considerations for the Run Machine. For the most part, his heart was in the right place when it came to serving the less fortunate. But he also donated to charity in times of need, supported disadvantaged children, and occasionally fought to the point of hopelessness when the odds were against him.

But what has not escaped the public notice is how this willow wizard wears his heavy mantle carelessness lightly.
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