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A Student's Guide to Python for Physical Modeling

A Student's Guide to Python for Physical Modeling pdf free download

   Author(s): Jesse M. Kinder, Philip Nelson  
        Publisher: Princeton University Press, Year: 2015   

The Python programming language is experiencing a major growth in usage in the sciences. The main goal of this text is to be to help you, the reader, teach yourself enough of the Python language to start doing physical modelling. You will learn how to instal a free/open-software Python environment and use it for scientific computing tasks like importing, exporting, and visualising data, and for routine numerical calculations and modelling. No prior programming background is required.

The tutorial focuses on fundamentals and introduces a number of important techniques.
  • What programming and scripting concepts should one learn before embarking on an internship?
  • Matrixes
  • Graphs, two- and three- and three-dimensional graphs
  • Random number generation using Monte Carlo methods
  • Formal equation: ordinary differential equations
  • A high-quality photographic image processing
  •  Where the flow of time and distance is analogous to the shifting between layers of frames in a motion picture
New concepts and concepts are illustrated by numerous code examples and exercises. For those who want to follow along, web-based resources like the resources, data sets, and step-by-by-step procedures are provided.
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