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Unfinished: A Memoir

Unfinished: A Memoir pdf free download

   Author(s): Priyanka Chopra Jonas
        Publisher: Penguin Random House India Private Limited, Year: 2021   

'I am a product of traditional India and its ancient wisdom, and its urban bustle and modern India. My upbringing has always been an amalgamation of the two Indies, and of East and West, almost as much.'

Unfinished takes readers from Priyanka's childhood in India, where she was raised by her grandparents and her parents-two army doctors dedicated not just to their children but to their professions and philanthropy-before being sent to boarding school at an early age; Queen living with extended families in the Midwest (Cedar Rapids and Indianapolis) through her formative teenage years in the United States. It will be seen here by readers looking for an insight into what it takes to succeed in the huge Indian film industry, and they will also find a truthful account of the difficulties Priyanka faced, both in India and Hollywood, in managing her career. The result is a wet, funny, sassy, inspirational, bold, and rebellious novel. Much like herself, Priyanka.

The story of Priyanka Chopra Jonas will inspire a generation around the world to gather their strength, accept their determination, and commit to the hard work of fulfilling their dreams, from her twenty-year dual-continental career as an actor and producer to her work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, from losing her beloved father to cancer to marrying Nick Jonas.
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