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 Signals and Systems - 3rd Edition

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   Author(s): Anand Kumar    
        Publisher: Prentice Hall India Learning, Year: 2013  

The Third Edition continues to provide consistent and detailed coverage of signals and structures in this well-received document. It is intended for undergraduate students in computer and communication engineering, electronics and instrumentation engineering, telecommunications engineering, electrical engineering and electronics engineering. The book would also be useful for students at AMIE and IETE. The text includes a self-contained introduction to the philosophy of signals and processes, written with a student-centered, pedagogically oriented approach. This book describes the principles of processes, it also addresses signals and how signals coordinate with physical systems. It includes topics ranging from simple signals and processes to signal processing, Fourier continuous-time transform properties, including Fourier transforms of regular signals, linear system signal propagation, convolution and signal correlation relationship, sampling theorems and techniques, and LTI system transformation analysis. In this book, both the solved and unsolved issues are structured to explain the topics in a straightforward manner. Contents: Preface The First Edition Preface 1. Signals from 2. Systems 3. Tools 3. Analyzing Signal 4. Fourier Sequence Periodic Signals Representation 5. Transforms of Fourier 6. Transmission of signals by Linear Systems 7. Convolution and Signal Similarity 8. Sampling from 9. Transforms by Laplace 10. Z-Transformations 11. Realization of Machine 12. Discrete-time Fourier Transform Appendices Glossary Responses Index
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