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Modern Economic Theory

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   Author(s): K K Dewett & M H Navalur 
        Publisher: S ChandYear: 2006  

Table of Content
Part – One: Price Theory Or Micro Economics Unit - I : Nature And Methodology Of Economics Unit - Ii : Theory Of Demand Unit - Iii: Theory Of Production Unit- Iv: Product Pricing Unit - V : Factor Pricing Part - Two: Theory Of Income And Employment Or Macro-Economics Unit - I: Social Accounting Unit- Ii: Theory Of Income Determination Unit Iii: Economic Fluctuations Part- Three: Money And Banking Unit - I: Monetary Standards And Theory Of Money And Prices Unit - Ii: Banking Part - Four: International Economics Unit - I: International Trade Theory Unit - Ii: Balance Of Payments And International Monetary System Part - Five: Public Finance Part - Six: Economic Systems Part - Seven: Economics Of Development And Planning Part - Eight : Economics Of Welfare Welfare Economics Index

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