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Long Walk to Freedom

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Author(s): Nelson Mandela
Publisher: Abacus, Year: 1995

This memoirs by one of our time's great leaders are 'important reading for everyone who wants to learn history' and then go out and change it 'Barack Obama

Long Walk to Freedom beautifully re-creates the drama of the encounters that helped mould the life of Nelson Mandela with the riveting memoirs of the outstanding spiritual and political leader of our time. Long Walk to Liberation, dramatic, compelling and uplifting, is the exhilarating tale of an unforgettable life; a tale of struggle, persistence and utter victory told with the consistency and eloquence of a born leader.

'Enthralling, captivating. Mandela emulates the few major political figures like Lincoln and Gandhi who go beyond simple consensus and step ahead of their backers to crack the Sunday Times' new ground.

'Mandela's genuine voice shines in this novel. The Days' Humane, Dignified and Gorgeously Unembittered

The invincible essence of human hope and honour burns with the luminosity of confidence. Andre Brink 'Unforgettable'
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