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Analytical Reasoning 

Analytical Reasoning m k pandey pdf free download

   Author(s): M K Pandey
Publisher: Bsc Publishing, Year: 2009   

The 'Analytical Reasoning' book is an efficient research material to focus on one's expertise in analysis and reasoning. Posted by M.K. The book, Pandey, is clearly written with the formats and criteria of different competitive exams in mind. It focuses on defining the foundations of logic and reasoning around the subject. Using detailed explanations of subjects such as Evidence Sufficiency, Enhancing and Undermining Claims, Coded Relationships, Analytical Decision-Making and Testing Inferences, the author uses simple and rational terms and explains clearly, helping students to understand the main concepts.

In order to help students prepare their studies effectively, this book is split into two segments: logic-based reasoning and rules-based reasoning. Logic-based reasoning involves segments such as logic fundamentals, conclusions, inferences evaluation and statement forcefulness, etc. The second part of Rules-based Logic includes segments such as syllogism, logical judgement, miscellaneous input-output, coded inequalities and problem solving, etc. In their syllabus, various competitive exams such as CAT and GMAT require Analytical Reasoning and it is therefore important for students to have full knowledge of this subject. This book presents detailed detail and sheds light on all main facets of Critical Thinking. This book reflects on the foundations of the subject of logic and reasoning and contains reflections on questions based on arguments, questions based on conclusions, and questions based on inference. It provides the students with all the requisite skill set and trick set to solve the problems of rational and theoretical reasoning easily and most importantly correctly in competitive exams. This study material, along with full details of subjects, gives students ample experience by questions. Each chapter starts with crucial points, comprehensive examples and at the end there are questions for practise. Taking into account the criteria and nature of competitive tests, the questions are chosen. It is an ideal book for building a strong foundation for analytical reasoning.
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