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 Yuvraj Singh's The Test Of My Life

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   Author(s): Yuvraj SinghSharda UgraNishant Jeet Arora
        Publisher: RHI, Year: 2013   

Yuvraj Singh's autobiography is the novel "The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back." Released on 19 March 2013, the first 20 copies of the book were auctioned on Collectabillia.com at the starting price of Rs. 5000. This book describes the history of the life of Yuvraj Singh. The ups and downs he experienced throughout his work and how better he came back from his hardest days. One book of two tales is The Test of My Life: From Cricketer to Cancer and Back. First, how Yuvraj Singh became a role model for individuals. Second, his fight against cancer in Indianapolis, USA, all alone.

The first narrated storey is about how a cricketer became Yuvraj. In the other hand, the second part of the storey explains how his life changed after his cancer struggle and he matures as an individual, his progress as a player and how he progressed as a cricketer. His journey from Ranji Trophy Captain to Australia's fantasy debut in 2011, his successful and disappointing testing and ODI career stances. His hardest period was during the 2011 World Cup, when Yuvraj suffered from cancer at the time and did not feel fit to play the game. Zaheer Khan and Sachin Tendulkar, his teammates and colleagues, somehow persuaded him to play the role. "When it matters most, you will matter," were Sachin's words of inspiration to him, and the rest is history. Fans, relatives and friends of Yuvraj prayed for their 'Yuvi' when he was treated. For his followers and for people who want to take inspiration from his life, this is an ideal novel.

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