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Williams Gynecology - 3rd Edition

Williams Gynecology 3rd Edition pdf free download

   Author(s): Barbara Hoffman, John Schorge, Karen Bradshaw, Lisa Halvorson, Joseph Schaffer, Marlene Corton  
        Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education, Year: 2016   

There is only one nursing textbook to combine a complete quick-reference guide with a full colour surgical photo book in one beautifully illustrated book.

Previously, Williams Gynecology mainly addressed gynaecology issues, but now they also include gynaecological conditions regarding cancer, including female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. [This is not a paraphrase of the document, several sentences are omitted due to it not being connected to the topic]. For the surgery names, the minimally invasive surgery sections include Procedures for Benign Conditions of the Male and Female Genitalia and Procedures for Gynacologic Malignancy, which includes Minimally Invasive Surgery for Benign Conditions and Procedures for Gynecologic Malignancies.

Williams' Gynecology, Third Edition has hundreds of exquisite paintings that both make up the surgical section and lend much truth of comprehension of medical details. Of chapter is a very thorough and step-by-step guide to the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. With its comprehensive use of treatment algorithms, differential business boxes, and other components, this book is a quick-reference of these computerised diagnostic procedures.

Few stuff to remember.

· Two services in one―full-color diagnostic text and surgical atlas―surveys the entire scope of gynecologic disease, including general gynaecology, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, urogynecology, and gynecologic oncology

· The Illustrated Atlas of Gynecologic Surgery includes over 450 full colour figures that represent operative techniques.

· · · · · specific templated text guarantees a clear approach to diagnosis and care. · · · · ·

· · Medicine is a wide and varied field. It includes many different techniques. It is very comprehensive and explains in depth how to conduct specific surgeries.

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Developments in our culture have placed a heavier burden on medical practitioners to rapidly and efficiently evaluate and address sickness.

A heavily detailed gynecologic anatomy chapter created by the surgeon that looks at the female reproductive system and its related organs.

·· The book is updated to catch up with recent and extended coverage on the current subject, including minimally invasive procedures, benign procedures, and other subspecialties of urogynecology , gynaecology, and reproductive endocrinology.
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