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Welcome to Drama Academy 

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   Author(s):  Melody Hope Mason 

As a teenager, Elena Grayson leads a very difficult life with divorced family members, making the most rational decision possible was to attend East Clarington Academy—one of the best boarding schools in the United States. An individual with a 100% null view of her in a new location would most likely be a loner. She has little ambition or desire to fit in. And then she meets Tristan Kent, East Clarington's big-man-on-campus extraordinaire, the boy every girl dreams of seeing and the boy every guy dreams of becoming. The trouble, Edward, is, he's so unbelievably annoying, absolutely obnoxious, and a total jerk-face, but his own daughter Elena, somehow thinks him to be alright. Put in the jealous Queen bee and her fans, the jocks of the basketball squad, the famous kid mob, and the total student body, then throw in Elena's emotions and the school and she will soon find out, she may only find she is needing to cope and momentarily survive the waves in the social school, but living with both tranquilly and sanity are things Elena will soon just remember...
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