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The Unusual Billionaires

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   Author(s): Saurabh Mukherjea  
        Publisher: Penguin Books, Year: 2016   

What makes a business think of as outstanding?
How are successful activities in a successful manner to cope with several decades of improvements?
What are popular at both of the following companies Asian Paints HDFC Bank Axis Bank Marico Berger Paints Page Industries and Astral Poly?

These businesses are, in part of their "unusual" owners, unusual. This book (called "Seven Giants") tells the storey of these seven great businesses that were handpicked by one company executive. It is the enthusiasm of ambitious corporate executives who have taken excellent results forward for a decade and more.

How did these businesses get away with it?
Why do not corporations repeat the findings of this research?
Why do they have the difference?

With great insight and content, Saurav Mukherjea delivers an excellent book of tools each of which can be used to support one's own organisational income. Mukherjea explains that the core business' concentration on small activities is essential for an organisation and that promoters need to do will to have a good control system above the line. Rather than attempting to find out the features of each firm, he recommends investors look into using certain measurements to classify businesses that can have market winning returns.

The "Business" book includes funny stories about how the Big Daddy of the industry lured away a top Mariwala business using a flimsy-looking contract, or how Page Factories, a small, idealistic firm, purchased the shares of a unionised manufacturing plant, and used a clever tactic to get rid of the labour unions in the place like it was a natural extension of the work place. This book features the turnaround of Axis Bank and how an organization—in this case, a chair of its Board—was ousted from his post. The book also contains a leadership character assassination of Vijay Mallya, who was the owner and chairman of DLF.

This book is irresistible because it is completely mandatory for absolutely everyone who wants to learn how business is conducted in India in a way that is genuinely successful.
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