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The Queen's Gambit

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   Author(s): Walter Tevis  
        Publisher: Vintage, Year: 2013   

With fast-paced and entertaining prose, this fast-paced novel of chess, feminism, and addiction races to a conclusion as graceful and rewarding as a mate in four. Currently a Netflix award-winning TV show.

See Beth Harmon, an eight year-old orphan, who is silent, sullen, and by all means unremarkable. However, that is, before she plays her first game of chess, with a teacher and a master. Since taking up her e-cig, her senses become stronger, her emotions become clearer, and for the first time in her life she feels completely in control of her life. When he/she turns sixteen, he/she will be playing in the United States. An open championship. As Beth now more and more plunged into the world of professional darts she, as a woman, saw that the stakes for her rise ever higher. How ever there was one little thing that kept bothering her and keep her from meeting these people.
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