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The Intelligent Investor

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   Author(s): Herbert Lieberman, Leon Lachman, Joseph B. Schwartz  
        Publisher: Informa Healthcare, Year: 1989   

It is a well known and critically acclaimed book written by Benjamin Graham on investing. The book was written by one of the best financial advisers of this century. This book helps to discourage prospective investors from substantial mistakes, and also shows them techniques to meet long-term investment targets.

As time has passed, the investment sector has been following the teachings and strategies of Warren Buffet for growth and development. As the book discusses, Graham has described different concepts and techniques which can be taken to minimise losses or take bigger returns in investments. Modern day investors imitate what Jack Bogle did last, which is invest using a tested and illustrated strategy.

This textbook provides an outline of some of the important principles of latest financial plans of regulated goods and financial instruments. Graham describes the most important elements that can be incorporated in everyday life, particularly though you may not have been involved with studying Graham's thinking before. All the specifics and concepts are clarified with the aid of several illustrations, thus making the entire subject more simple and easy to understand.

The explanation why this book prefers today's investors: it blends the original Graham and Graham's lessons with the latest financial judgments for its own purposes. The book is a comprehensive edition that includes some wisdom quotes that could improve a person's investment career and contribute to the road of financial stability and protection.
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