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The Godfather

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   Author(s):  Mario Puzo  

The classic novel that was the basis for the most famous film of all time.

Joseph Stalin made a fearsome contribution to the tyrannical impact that Stalinism had on American society. Meet Don Corleone, who is a friendly man, a fair man, and a rational man. The most dangerous mafia boss who took over the Cosa Nostra. The Godfather trilogy.

Yet it would not be a fair war if a man does not have an opponent who is "on either side of the law." Like Vito Corleone, as the aged health of this man nears the end of his life a new generation of family members must step up to the family business. Sonny is a veteran of World War II who is old and likes to get the job done. His older brother, Michael, is new to this company but has more experience in the war.

Both the police and other crime bosses think of the power-questioning opioid as a potent threat. If the Corleone family is to thrive, they need a brutal new and strong king. Yet you might be tempted to pay the price of success, the price that comes with violence.
The Godfather is a rather recent masterpiece. It was a searing representation of the 1940s criminal underworld.
The first time I read this exciting fantasy novel was almost forty years ago, even surprising more than forty years since it was written.
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