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The Fountainhead 

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   Author(s): Herbert Lieberman, Leon Lachman, Joseph B. Schwartz  
        Publisher: Informa Healthcare, Year: 1989   

The protagonist of "The Fountainhead", Howard Roark, describes himself as an architect and an enemy of collectivism. It is his strong conviction that only portion of an artist's talent can be generated by their imagination. Ignoring art for mediocrity can enable the average to become common when only the mediocre art is allowed to become famous. His books known as the "Fountainhead" are his journey toward tradition and his war against the machine.

Peter Keating, Howard's arch rival, has views that are the reverse of Howard's. He is also getting in Howard's way, he is also blocking Howard's ideas. The lead character (Dominique), the protagonist of the novel, emerges to be a confident and independent woman as the plot progresses.

It is admirable that throughout the first part of the novel the author has articulated clear personal opinions against collectivism through the protagonist. It is the tale of a single person trying to overcome against an entire tradition and structure to break free. Is Howard going to survive the war or will he be forced to follow the system?. The Fountainhead is a novel by Ayn Rand published by Signet in the year 1996 and is available in paperback.

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The novel, The Fountainhead, was turned into a film by Warner Brothers.
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