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Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers 

Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers 6th edition pdf free download

Author(s): Stephen M Hall  
Publisher: Elsevier, Year: 2018   

The most complete guide for chemical and process engineers who require accurate and definitive solutions to on-the-job challenges is the Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers, Sixth Edition. The text is revised and updated comprehensively with new details and formulas. The book aims to easily, effectively and safely solve process design challenges, with hundreds of common sense methods, shortcuts and estimates. Its succinct parts explain the steps taken to address important questions and challenges in architecture. The book addresses physical characteristics of patented products, heuristics of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, process architecture, closed-loop heat transfer systems, heat exchangers, packed columns and organised packings.

This book will help you: save time on theory or derivations you no longer have to waste on; boost accuracy by using well-tested and agreed approaches culled from industry experts; and save money by reducing contractor dependency. The book draws together solutions from engineers in the process business, knowledge and work-arounds.

Fresh Chapters on Biotechnology and Filtration include
Includes extra tables of typical values and fresh calculations
Data supporting characteristics for choosing and defining heat transfer devices
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