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Revolution 2020

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   Author(s): Chetan Bhagat  
        Publisher: Rupa Publications India, Year: 2014   

The revolution has begun.
The "Chetan Bhagat" books are renowned for their excellent entertainment. He is one of the most commonly read writers who hail from India. He is only known for his best selling novels. Maybe 2015 will be another wonderful sign of a revival and regeneration. Set against the backdrop of one of India's oldest region- Varanasi, this book is sure to catch the imagination of all the Indian readers.

Indian by nature.
The main characters in this book are like the characters in Five Dollar Men. That is, they are a regular guy; a boy, and a rock-solid woman. It is a near relationship between two boys, where one of the boys want the intellect to help him quickly make some money, while the other boy wants to get out of the rut of the community. And between them is a "space", Aarti. What is elided in the novel is has a journey of love and heartbreak, a political twist and a monetary twist, and is about friendship turning into enmity. This novel is part of a gripping and believable plot where young readers will find the events inside the book are often relatable to their own life experiences. Chetan Bhagat has perfected the art of writing novels which are very easy to understand and its lucid language ensures its success.
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