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Principles and Applications of Fermentation Technology - 

3nd Edition
Principles and Applications of Fermentation Technology pdf free download

Author(s): Arindam Kuila, Vinay Sharma   
Publisher: Wiley-Scrivener, Year: 2018

This third edition, which covers the main components of the fermentation process, including growth kinetics, strain isolation and enhancement, inoculum production, fermentation media, fermenter design and function, product recovery, and the environmental effect of processes, has retained the effective framework of the previous edition of the Principles of Fermentation Technology. The increased importance of animal cell culture, the effect of the post-genomics period on applied science and the tremendous contribution that heterologous protein development now brings to the pharmaceutical industry's success are acknowledged by this precise and available third edition.

This title is best adapted in a methodical, rational manner for both newcomers to the industry and experienced employees as it offers basic and foundational knowledge on fermentation. In order to make the material available to members of all disciplines, with an emphasis on the functional implementation of theory, Stanbury, Whitaker and Hall have combined the biological and engineering elements of fermentation. This text puts together in one succinct guide all the fermentation basics, making it a great resource for fermentation scientists as well as those researching in the sector.

Retains its powerful form and contains all elements of the fermentation process
To address the latest trends and achievements in the area, it combines the biological and engineering aspects of fermentation
With each chapter accompanied by a comprehensive bibliography, written in a format open to readers from either a biological or engineering perspective.
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