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Not Just A Civil Servant

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   Author(s): Anil Swarup
        Publisher: Unicorn Book, Year: 2019   

Not Just a Civil Servant is a book that is written by Anil Swarup, a disabled civil servant who survived despite being politically incorrect He takes the reader on a journey through his life, beginning with his experiences growing up in a European country and learning about life in the United States, from the challenges of the structure of government to his duties as a federal bureaucrat to the other side of government when he was a crisis manager. His career spanned 38 years, encompassing a wide variety of problems that ranged from grappling with corruption in his home state of Uttar Pradesh, to coalfield mafias, to struggling with the aftermath of the destruction of the Babri Masjid, to controlling education mafias. The memoir documents not only the personal travails and tribulations that Anil Swarup has been through, but also the thoughts and insights of Anil Swarup's position as a decision maker and as an internal observer of the system. Throughout the novel, he explains his triumphs and talk about his disappointments. He stresses this fact as he is narrating his storey as he lives, his words and on his own terms. It also demonstrates an appreciation of the power of the IRS by a bureaucrat. This book is the culmination of Swarup's efforts and gained fame for him to become one of the most famous and influential political scientists in India (Swarup 2012). Your memoir is a profoundly intimate recount of a man who strives to make things work with the potential inspiration of others to be involved in addition to doing so himself.
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