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Manusmriti - The Laws of Manu 

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The several Brahmin edoema hands who wrote the Laws of Manu drew on jurisprudence, philosophy and theology to construct an exceptional, encyclopaedic model of how life should be lived, in public and in private, by Untouchables as well as by priests and rulers, by women as well as by men. The Sanskrit text has been translated into many languages since first translated, and translations into other European languages have followed as a result. To Nietzsche, the Hindu approach to bringing justice to the world had far more values than the New Testament; For the British Raj it appeared to be the best way to govern India. No comprehension of modern India is possible without it, and in the richness of its thoughts, its aphoristic profundity and its importance to universal human dilemmas, Manu stands alongside the great epics, the Mahãbhãrata and the Rãmãyana. There are some who argue that Manu is inconsistent, vague, and incoherent. Some will see it as a narrative with a unifying theme. Some will find it confusing. Doniger and Smith argue that it is a cohesive and meaningful storey. Wendy Doniger offers an authoritative English translation of the important Indian novel, the first of the century. Storytelling is the first element to integrate the newly composed, unadulterated text into an open and entertaining narrative that expert scholars and the general public will both appreciate.
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