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Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm - 16th Edition

Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm - 16th Edition pdf free download

   Author(s): Kenneth C. Laudon; Jane Price Laudon 
        Publisher: Pearson, Year: 2020   

For undergraduate classes in computer science and the management information systems (management information systems).

The definitive, case by case study of IS in business today.
"The new Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm takes an integrated approach linking IS and business performance, with each chapter presenting a common problem for business management and a solution that revolves around ERP, or even more complex business models not directly linked to ERP." The Laudons are known in the IT industry for their amazing case studies. In those, they think to find the most successful ways to use IT to accomplish market objectives. Students who attend this school gain wanted talents, such as guiding IS linked management conversations and leveraging IT for bottom line outcomes. In each chapter of the 16th edition of this book there are several new immersive sessions, new video cases and a new work opportunity section to help you find a job.

It will also be available via the MyLab MIS.
To build a versatile network that lets students to achieve optimum outcomes, MyLab™ employs trustworthy author material, plus interactive teaching resources to develop customised learning experiences. At the same time, students using MIS Decision-Making Sims, Self-Reflection Simulations and Auto-Graded Excel are able to learn how MIS, self-reflection simulations, and auto-graded excel can help them achieve in their future careers.

This product (comprehensive) does not come bundled with MyLab MIS, but can be bought as a standalone functionalities. To students who have MyLab, please let the teacher know that the course ID for the LabPack is 47449963. ​To professors, please remind Pearson that the course code 577553 is still used for the MyLab Course ID. ​
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