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Making a Good Script Great: Revised & Expanded

Making a Good Script Great: Revised & Expanded pdf free download

   Author(s): Linda Seger  
        Publisher: Silman-James Press, Year: 2010

It is more than just a case of putting a decent idea on paper to make a good script better. It needs the creation and reworking of the definition. Making a Good Screenplay Perfect takes you through the whole screenwriting process, offering unique tools that can help you design better, deeper, and more salable scripts from original idea to final rewrite.

This extended, improved, and updated third edition, while maintaining the insightful perspectives that put its first two editions among the most influential screenwriting books ever, adds rich and important new material on dialogue, cinematic images, and point of view, as well as an interview with screenwriter Paul Haggis.

This book will help you improve your ability to tell a convincing and dramatic storey while you're writing your first screenplay. It will help you express the skills you know intuitively if you're a seasoned screenwriter. And this book will help you examine and fix the issues of your script and get it back on track if you're currently stuck on a rewrite.
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