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Leonardo Da Vinci - The Biography

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   Author(s): Walter Issacson
        Publisher: Informa Healthcare, Year: 1989   
As a note, Leonardo da Vinci made two of the most famous paintings in history, The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. Yet in his own mind, he was just as much a powerful and scientific guy, as he was an engineer. He sought groundbreaking studies in anatomy, dinosaurs, flying machines, the heart, geology and weaponry. He was always fascinated with a certain purpose, becoming very excited often, but hardly ever calmed down. He was a history's most important genius as a result of his ability to stand at the crossroads of the arts and the sciences, owing to his incredible imagination in drawing Vitruvian Man. Not like how many times one did Da Vinci. This book is telling us that we have much to learn from Leonardo da Vinci. It is his work that continues to inspire, expanding the limits of visualisation, architecture, and artistic expression. Like his father, he was illegitimate, his homosexuality attracted unwelcome scrutiny, he came from a vegetarian tradition, he was a left-hander, he was frequently confused, and at times heretical. His constant imagination should remind us of the value of instilling, both in ourselves and our children, not only received information but a desire to challenge it – to be creative and, like talented misfits and revolutionaries in every age, to think differently.
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