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   Author(s): Annie Besant  

This book is the fourth in a series of manuals intended to address the needs of modern people who have a need for a condensed exposition of Theosophical teachings. In previous examples the connections proposed by Karma have been commonly considered as obtuse, so to make the links more approachable to the work-a-day people, Karma will agree that we do not hold the same values as they do and continue to demonstrate to them the great truths that allow us to bear life and face death. The wonderful book you are reading is an informative and easy to comprehend text, is a must-have for those interested in the evolution of theosophy and constitutes a valuable addition to every discerning bookshelf. A prominent radix of feminism, the theosophist and women's rights leader, Annie Besant. She leaves behind her works such as "The Ancient Wisdom " and " My Path to Atheism " and her record of achievements still stand undefeated (1898). This book was originally written in 1895 (this is an act of republishing, however) and dedicates to the life of the poet.
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