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Intellectual Property - 9th Edition

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   Author(s): David I. Bainbridge  
  Publisher: Pearson, Year: 2012   

Recognised as a leading textbook in this area, Intellectual Property offers students unrivalled coverage in all facets of the intellectual property syllabus making it their critical guide through the intricacies of this diverse topic. Students will learn all of the styles of intellectual property laws by using this book. * It will equip them with a good understanding of the wealth of domestic, European and Foreign laws which regulate each intellectual property right. * It will apply the expertise, experience and insight acquired by the author as Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the University of Wolverhampton over the last 23 years, to every other student of IP law around the world. Negotiate and shape the future development of intellectual property security skills, while facing the ethical and policy facets of protection that affect the future development of IP protection. As a part of considerable help, assist the analysis by an appeal to a variety of entertaining and interesting elements, including key points, more reading tips, queries and a glossary of technical words
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