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IIMA-Day to Day Economics

   Author(s): Deodhar, Satish Y 
Publisher: Random House India, Year: 2012

Economics should be pictured as being anywhere, as it can be very difficult, but it is not for newcomers to understand — it's nice to practise it over and over, but it's hard to fully understand it. To make sure that all common people can grasp the topic of Economics properly, which is Economics, Satish Y. Deodhar managed to write a book that will describe the topic. This essay provides the most basic understanding of Economics concepts and describes them in an easy to understand way. This book, The Government and the Economy, explains the position of the government, and its policies, that impact daily economic activities. This book was released in 2016 by both Random House international (US) and Random House India (India).

The key purpose of the book is to showcase the different features of economics using basic words which can all come to the assistance of readers of all proficiency levels. The job of the numerous organisations of the economy are what continue the economy. E-cigarettes are both healthier and come with a new style, emphasising on the government's different positions and the importance of private sectors. The author then reiterates on the importance of providing a specific demarcation on the different tasks that are carried out by any company, as well as responsibilities that each sector ought to have. In the next segment, the government is going to be addressed and its impact on the common man are to be examined. The book includes a complete history of how to create a budget and how different facets of the budget are worked out. Despite the fact that this chapter is focused on the financial markets and banking, setting out the specifics of its fluctuations and how it impacts the economy. The topic of free trade is addressed in the fourth chapter while the fifth chapter addresses the concept of inflation and the sixth chapter talks about various factors that affect an economy’s growth and recession.. 

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