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If It’s Not Forever: It’s Not Love

If It’s Not Forever: It’s Not Love pdf free download

   Author(s): Durjoy Datta  
        Publisher: Penguin Books, Year: 2013

When an author and publisher, survived the bomb blasts at Chandni Chowk, I realised my life was nothing short of a miracle. And if he survived with minor injury, he couldn't escape the memories of the horrific crash that happened. His feet will carry him back to the chaos after the explosions. From the left over ashes, the doctor finds a diary. To me, this is necessarily connected with a dead man who fell profoundly in love with a child. When he reads the tragic plot, he has the urge to and without fail make sure that this storey is never left unfinished. When Deb continues to study the diary's author, he starts to develop new relationships as he begins to understand the owner of the diary more and better.
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