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I Am No Messiah

I Am No Messiah sonu sood pdf free download

Author(s): Sonu Sood, Meena K Iyer
Publisher: Penguin, Year: 2020

A little nudge from the cosmos often drives one to pursue his raison d'etre in life. If actor Sonu Sood had given in to the celebrity mentality of sitting in his ivory tower and expressing his kindness through remote control, he would never have faced the trauma of the migrant workers of India or realized that a food packet was a woefully insufficient substitution for a trip back home.

The importance of seva, service to humanity, instilled in him by his parents, spurred Sonu Sood into action during the national lockout, enforced in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic when a flood of poverty-stricken refugees set out on foot to make their arduous trip back home. Sonu worked to help thousands of helpless and vulnerable workers, from taking to the streets and reaching out to the stranded, to setting up a dedicated team and making plans for national and foreign transportation. Thus, his 'Ghar Bhejo' initiative, carried out as a humanitarian mission, launched. It sanitised and paid for chartered planes, buses and trains. Distress calls from across the globe have been answered. The protest quickly snowballed into a drive to provide staff with housing, medical services and educational assistance. The silver-screen villain was turned into a superhero in real life.

Sonu Sood blends the remarkable memories of his trip from Moga to Mumbai with the literary skills of veteran journalist and writer Meena K. Iyer in his memoir, I Am No Messiah. This is the tale of Sonu Sood, truthful, inspiring and heart-warming, and of the people whose lives he continues to turn.
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I Am No Messiah sonu sood pdf free download

I Am No Messiah sonu sood pdf free download

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