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   Author(s): Durjoy Datta
        Publisher: Penguin India, Year: 2013   

The book, "Hold My Hand" by Neelanjana Sur is a contemporary Indian mainstream fiction novel with the theme of passion. "Mere Baap" revolves around two youngsters: Ahana Takia and Deepak Maru. Ahana's parent is seen to be a kind lady who has no idea as to her life and has her on her deathbed. The relationship of the two revolves around the dilemmas of love. The hardships one has to endure for the one they love are eventually exposed in this film. Published in a moderate narrative style with a simple pace and a well arranged narrative, the creative tale of this book is a well composed and well paced read. Written by one of the most famous contemporary Indian authors, Durjoy Dutta, this book is a must for all. It has been released by Penguin India in 2013. It is fine.

Deep is a young boy who is handsome. His height and the way he handles himself allow people to properly identify him. However, his shy disposition and the failure to communicate with other people make him stand out. He is not really happy dealing with people, but when it comes to books he knows exactly how they should be written. He is also found in his own universe of books as he seeks solitude in any passage of a novel.

When he turned 16, an opportunity offered itself for him to go to Asia as a foreign exchange student to study. As he is being guided to Hong Kong, he encounters a stunning lady who is visually impaired. She falls in love with him and so the lovely storey unfolds into a stunning and insightful life-enriching book. Both John and Jane are people who lot of the same culture. Stuff face the wrong direction before Ahana's ex-boyfriend comes in the frame. Nobody knows how their passion will endure this trial in time.
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