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Data Structures Using C: Edition-2

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   Author(s):  Reema Thareja  
        Publisher: Oxford, Year: 2014   

In order to provide a detailed and coherent coverage of both the abstract principles of data structures and the application of these concepts using the C language, this second edition of Data Structures Using C was created. It starts with a detailed description of C programming principles, followed by the implementation of various data structures and methods to evaluate the complexities of various algorithms. It then relates these definitions to the analysis of different data structures, such as tables, sequences, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, heaps, and graphs.

The book uses a structured approach in which algorithms with multiple operations that can be done on them obey the nature of each of the data structures, and the study of these algorithms in terms of their running times.

In order to help readers assess their skills, each chapter contains a number of end-chapter activities in the form of MCQs with answers, summary questions, and programming exercises.

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