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Clinical Examination Skills in Paediatrics: For MRCPCH Candidates and Other Practitioners 

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   Author(s):  A. Mark DalzellIan Sinha   
        Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell, Year: 2020   

For children (and their caregivers), an assessment is a different experience from that of adults. Paediatric patients can differ significantly in both age and maturity, which can make it difficult to recognise the symptoms they have. These children can act unpredictably in therapeutic environments. Medical Evaluation Skills in Paediatrics shows MRCPCH applicants and other clinicians the right way to take critical past perceptions and basic question answering.

Clear and succinct chapters–with contributions by a team of paediatric specialists–demonstrate the clinical assessment and interviewing methods used in everyday practise. How effort is focused on the behavioural processes involved in decision making, with an emphasis on the intellectual processes, assists all trainees studying for a specific exam and new clinician with a complex diagnostic dilemma. Topics teachers may include include cardiovascular and respiratory evaluation, identifying a child with neuromuscular dysfunction, testing for movement in a child with a medical problem, observing a child with chronic musculoskeletal joint pain, along with completing a history with a child with diabetes and a rheumatological condition.

A supplemental website is given that provides access to the many many videos that illustrate the methods, processes and approaches.
The "Patho and Physician's Guide to Diagnostic Imaging" features the suggestion of experienced physicians which provide suggestions as the examination processes advance.
This caters to the layman so health care workers can properly interact with the patient.
It's used to transform the symptoms and signals encountered by patients into diagnostic terminology.
It includes all the nursing skills assessed in the UK MRCPCH exam.
Clinical Review Expertise in Paediatrics is the ideal guide for pre-MRCPCH/MRCP applicants, doctors who are foundation-trained in paediatrics, physicians who practise in allied medicine in paediatrics, and anybody looking to develop his clinical and communication skills in paediatrics.
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