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C++ Programming: An Object-Oriented Approach

C++ Programming: An Object-Oriented Approach pdf free download

Author(s): Behrouz A. Forouzan, Richard Gilberg
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education, Year: 2019

C++ Programming: An object-oriented approach has two main goals: to teach the core programming concepts as illustrated in the CS1 Class ACM curriculum and to teach the basic C++ language constructs. While C++ is a sophisticated and professional language, practise reveals that C++ can easily be interpreted and used by beginning students.
C++ Programming: To make programming principles available to students, an object-oriented approach uses a mix of detailed, well-ordered descriptions and a clear visual context. Incremental software creation is stressed by the developers, in which programme description is accompanied by the construction of a structure map, the construction of UML flow diagrams, the writing of algorithms, the configuration of the programme, and finally the checking. Combined with an emphasis on the advantages of a standardised and well-documented programming style, this foundation helps students to meet the academic and technical programming obstacles they will face with optimism down the road.
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