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Business analytics for managers: taking business intelligence beyond reporting - 3rd Edition

   Author(s): Laursen, Gert H. N.; Thorlund, Jesper  
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Year: 2017

World-class advice for providing the best decision help to the right people at the right moment A critical blueprint for companies that want to succeed in the global fray, Business Analytics for Managers offers a viable business analytics (BA) paradigm based on the interaction between IT technologies, strategies, business structures, and a wide range of human competencies and operational circumstances. * Proven advice on designing an information strategy * Suggestions for promoting your company's potential to evolve in the future by using analytics * An understanding of BA as a comprehensive information discipline with ties to your firm's strategy * Realistic lessons for preparing and applying BA * How to leverage information as a competitive weapon * Why BA is the next stepping-stone for businesses in the information era today * Debate on BA's ever-increasing position Packed with explanations and forward-thinking guidance from esteemed BA experts Gert Laursen and Jesper Thorlund, Business Analytics for Managers provides effective strategies for making progressively advanced use of information in order to survive any market conditions.
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