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Better English 

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   Author(s): Norman Lewis  
        Year: 1961

Better English is based on the Educate Yourself-Test Yourself objective. This is a self-help book that can be consulted without the assistance of any specialist by a person of ordinary English abilities. Lessons are included in the book on grammar, pronunciation, and spelling. Infrequent parts of the novel, different kinds of realistic examples are given to test the vulnerabilities of the readers. It has become quick to say such complicated terms.

Words such as succinct-indict; genuine-guillotine; quay-querulous; homage-herb; chasm-chic; valet-bouquet. These kinds of lessons are really important for our everyday lives when we communicate on a daily basis with various groups of people. Once an individual is able to understand the basic concepts and rules of the English language, it is possible to achieve better precision and performance. The write-up can be found online at Amazon India.

About the writer:
Norman Lewis was an impressionable British journalist and a creative novelist (June 1908-July, 2003). His travel writings is regarded to be his finest works. He has authored twelve novels and many autobiographies. Lewis was one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, as per Graham Greene.
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