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Automobile Catalytic Converters

Automobile Catalytic Converters pdf free download

   Author(s): Herbert Lieberman, Leon Lachman, Joseph B. Schwartz  
        Publisher: Informa Healthcare, Year: 1989   

The use of catalytic converters for the purification of vehicle exhaust gases is a relatively recent invention which was forced into existence by societal demands for the maintenance of suitable environmental conditions. Given the catalytic practitioners' previous experience of foresight and precision, they are confident that this technology is going to further evolve and gain in complexity. This chapter of 'Volvo Revealed' highlights the engine exhaust catalytic technology, which is now in a mature state. The book 5 Catalysis: Research and Technologyby Dr. K. C. Taylor offers a study of the process chemistry and the most relevant converter design considerations for a greater understanding of catalytic converters.

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